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We chat to professional make-up artist, Sam Scarborough, to find out why she recommends choosing a reputable artist to look after your makeup on the day as well as some of her top tips.

Why should a bride and (her entourage) choose a professional make-up artist for their wedding day?

Selecting a professional make-up artist for your wedding day plays an integral part in ensuring the smooth progression of your morning preparations. Not only will the artist use top quality products to ensure your makeup is picture-perfect, but she also can guarantee the longevity, and/or provide suitable product for you to touch-up during the course of the day. Often, makeup artists will provide a schedule for the morning which can eliminate any stress of not being ready on time.

How can you tell if you are choosing an experienced make-up artist vs one who is not?

The most important factor, when choosing your makeup artist, is her portfolio. Make sure you do plenty of research to make sure that her work is reflective of the kind of look you would wish to have. Her portfolio should carry a wide range of images of all skin types. Sometimes, she may work to a specific style, but her portfolio should showcase that she is able to create a variety of looks. Selecting an experienced artist over a newcomer, brings with it not only many years of hands-on, work experience and wedding etiquette, but also a peace of mind for the Bride, with the knowledge that her program is a well-tested recipe! Think about it – with the hundreds of weddings that your artist has been so intimately involved in – she could probably share a good few pieces of advice too!

Where do you get your creative inspiration from? 

I am a creative at heart, and so draw my inspirations from art around me. An avid traveller, I love infusing colour and culture from all over the world into my art.

Does the type/brand of makeup one uses matter?

Wearing good quality makeup definitely makes a difference. In the pictures, and the wear itself.  I find that a good brand really caters for all skin types, colours, ages and races.

What are your make-up No No’s and what to avoid at all cost?

On the day of the wedding – stay away from high factor SPFs. THIS, ladies, is what creates the ghostly white face in photos where flash photography is used. Due to the iron and zinc oxides built into a SPF, they bounce flash just the same as they bounce sun rays, creating the feared “white face” compared the rest of your body.

 What are your top tips for Brides choosing their specific wedding make-up?

Make sure that you get chance at the trial to sit and discuss the day with your makeup artist – and your overall look and feel you wish to achieve. The makeup look should be appropriate for your bridal gown and hairstyle selected, but also for the day itself. Is it a fresh outdoor wedding, or inside with dramatic lighting? Is it early morning, or late afternoon? All these factors play a part in creating the perfect look. MOST importantly though, your makeup look should be true to who you are. I would suggest avoiding going too far from the type of look you would normally choose to do on yourself. Not only will you feel uncomfortable, but that can very quickly transcend into your photos too! Choose to be you!