Tropical Island Celebration – Hula Hula Island

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Tropical Island Celebration – Hula Hula Island

Inspired by Richard Branson and his Necker Island hideaway – Hula Hula Island Celebrity Party was created by Natalie and the Tickled Pink team. This special birthday party was to celebrate close family and friends. Personalised invitations kindly asked guests to arrive in time for sunset and dress as  “I am a Celebrity Fly me to the Party.”

Pink Flamingoes, Gold Pineapples, Fairy lights, Fire Braziers and Celebrities added to the main decor touches. Not to mention giant pineapples and delicious monsters to set the tropical island theme.

Pina Coloda’s were offered as Welcome Drinks to the arriving guests. Pass -around canapé’s were served by professional and friendly waiters as the sun set on a balmy summer afternoon and the nostalgic , happy sounds of the guitar played.

Children and dogs roamed the lawns making the most of the evening festivities and fun photo booth offered by guest photographer and friend Gill Scott.

A typical island dish, jumbolaya was served as the main course as the party flowed smoothly into the evening. A fun interactive chocolate fountain station was prepared to satisfy all those with a “sweet tooth” and everyone burning  some serious calories on the dance floor. Guests were even lucky enough to be treated to an “Ice Ice baby” dance rendition by one of the celebrity guests who only brings out these dance moves very occasionally.

How wonderful Brad Pitt,  Jen Aniston, Cindy Crawford, The Clooneys, Trump, Sia, Angelina Jolie, Charlie’s Angels, Braveheart, Audrey Hepburn, Kim Kardashian, Richard Branson, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Richard Gere, Johnny Clegg, Cyndi Lauper, Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Jason Streatham, Princess Caroline and J Lo were some of the celebrity guests able to jet in to enjoy the festivities and party celebrations.

A fun and memorable party and celebration for the esteemed guests and hosts.

Photos by Gill Scott Photography

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Tickled Pink Wedding & Event Celebrations

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Tickled Pink Wedding & Event Celebrations

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