Why choose Tickled Pink

Save time and stress

Wedding and event planning can be very time consuming. Tickled Pink offers you a professional wedding and event planning service that can take those administration and organisational hours away from you by personally helping you to hand select your individual suppliers. We will help you to manage all meetings with each chosen supplier and positively confirm and create all aspects of your wedding and event.

Many years of experience

Tickled Pink offers a very personalised and hands on approach. We offer our creative inspiration and guidance and many years of planning and event experience to ensure the entire planning process is sleek and smooth. Tickled Pink strives to be unique and enhance your wedding and event experience. We enjoy adding personal detail to make your wedding stand out from everything else gone before.

Professional and energised team

Tickled Pink brings together a professional and energised team of expert wedding and event suppliers to fulfill your needs and bring your wedding and event to life. It is a wonderful relief to know you are in good, caring, guiding hands of a professional planning team dedicated to you.

We strive to make the entire planning experience a memorable and joyful part of the journey.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”  – Red Adair