Cutting Costs
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Trying to find ways to save on your budget? Here are a few of our top suggestions to help you cut costs.

  1. Choose an experienced wedding planner who can guide you with cost saving ways of approaching your wedding without changing the overall effect. They are good at approaching ideas in different ways to cut costs. They have established relationships with suppliers and can often work with them on various ways of managing costs.
  2. Choose your guests and overall numbers wisely. Cost per head will be the biggest financial outlay of your wedding – in terms of catering, bar, hiring etc.
  3. Choose flowers and food that are in season.
  4. Select wine, beers and soft drinks for your bar selection and leave out the shooters and hard tack.
  5. The length of your wedding will also affect the costs of your wedding. The longer your wedding – the higher your bar bill will.
  6. Choose fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen to lower costs of additional attire, hair and makeup and gifts etc.