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Why Choose a Wedding Planner and What to ask them? 

Why choose a private Wedding Planner and not only a venue wedding co-ordinater 

  1. A venue co-ordinater can assist you with all things relating to your chosen venue itself in terms of the guidelines and what they can and cannot do for you.
  2. Private Wedding Planners will manage all your external suppliers and wedding questions as well as work directly with the venue.
  3. Private Wedding Planners will manage your wedding in its entirety and have an eagles eye and handle on all suppliers and goings on.
  4. Private Wedding Planners will set up meetings with all other wedding suppliers and manage your wedding diary and process.
  5. Private Wedding Planners can ask the venue if unusual ideas are allowed and accepted to shake up your wedding and make it different from other weddings that happen at the venue.
  6. Wedding Planners will push boundaries to make your wedding unique and unusual and not run of the mill/ the same as any other.
  7. Wedding Planners will be intricately involved in the smooth running of your wedding day.  They will have intimate knowledge of all the discussions and agreements previously discussed with all suppliers. This ensures that on your wedding day everyone is 100% onboard with their timings and duties.
  8. Private Wedding Planners will have a delicate handle on your detail, décor, stationery etc, making sure all elements speak harmoniously to each other.
  9. Private Wedding Planers can manage your wedding budget (with you) and make payments for you to the various suppliers.
  10. Private Wedding Planners can add their personal touch, guidance, expertise and experience to your wedding.

What to discuss with your Wedding Planner when choosing them? 

  1. Get to know your wedding planner first – meet or talk to them and discuss your ideas. It is very important that you both connect and realize if you will work well together or not.
  2. Understand the estimate costs upfront before you commit to working together.
  3. Be open about your wedding budget so your wedding planner can guide you realistically from the start.
  4. Let your planner know what the most important aspects of your wedding are and what might be ‘nice to haves’ but not essential elements.
  5. Be specific on your vision and look, you are hoping to achieve for your wedding and again provide an indication of budget here.