Green Wedding
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Planning a green wedding but not sure about where to start? Here are a few of our top suggestions to help you get started.

  1. Send out E- Invitations for Save the Date and Wedding Invitations rather than printing on paper and posting / transporting.
  1. A wedding planner (believe it or not) is also an eco-friendly way to approach your wedding. It is a one stop shop and point of reference. As they have knowledge of the most reputable suppliers in the industry, they can save on many hours of wasted energy trying to source various quotes, suppliers, ideas etc. They have great relationships with the most professional and sought after suppliers in the business and know which ones strive to be “ Green” and work in an energy efficient way by using less electricity, packaging, fuel and always trying to find the best solution for the client and the environment. You can Skype your wedding planner if you live far away or overseas and plan an entire wedding remotely if you need to, still knowing you are in professional and eco-friendly hands.
  2. The less key suppliers you can use for your wedding, often assists your overall budget and your overall impact on the environment. Wedding planners know that some of their key suppliers may be able to double up on certain areas/ jobs that will assist with transport/ fuel/ staff and your wedding will have less impact on the earth and your budget in the long run.
  3. Try use furniture from your venue rather than transporting it in.
  4. Eco-friendly gifts: If you are a couple who have everything already set up, consider asking your guests to contribute to a worthy and important Environmental cause of your choice as a wedding gift . One that supports wildlife, conservation, protection of species, renewable energy projects, deforestation and climate change. This is a very generous gesture from the bridal couple to give back to the earth and make a difference where it is desperately needed. Or if your budget does not stretch that far, ask guests to possibly consider contributing towards a honeymoon fund. Less paper, wrapping and packaging of bulky and heavy gifts that need to be transported and unwrapped back at home.