Planning a Corporate Function
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  1. Get a professional team to assist you and factor in staff on the day of your event. Although this may increase your budget initially, it will help save on unnecessary costs and stress in the long run.
  2. Choose an appropriate venue – preferably with good temperature, space and a view.
  3. Choose a reputable caterer or one recommended by your trusted event planner.
  4. Select your menu wisely and choose exotic flavors as well as some well liked flavors to ensure that all your guests will enjoy something on the menu.
  5. Select a good red and white wine to serve to your guests.
  6. Select a theme – whether it is a WOW theme or just a colour. This will help you focus your event elements around this.
  7. Add an element of fun (if appropriate.)
  8. Create an appealing invitation so that your guests can get excited about your party and event. Be sure to include all relevant details.
  9. Send out an aide memoir as you draw closer to your event date.
  10. Select a signature Welcome drink that reflects your brand and theme and add to the ambiance.
  11. Choose live entertainment for cocktail hour. A professional musician is excellent at setting the scene and creating the right ambience.
  12. Select a good AV and sound technician team.  They must be on hand for the entire event and set up!
  13. Registration is an important factor in order to monitor attendees and no shows.
  14. Canapés or butler served food is definitely the best route if you do not have to have formal seating for your meal.
  15. Create a good mix between relaxed and comfortable sitting areas for guests to relax as well as adding some height with cocktail tables and chairs.
  16. Set a good networking atmosphere for your clients, employees and guests to enjoy and benefit from. (You want them to talk positively about their function and experience.)
  17. Have a rain plan if your party is planned for outdoors.